Months after the Paris attack Kim Kardashian went through, the whole family is going to extreme lengths to protect their homes. The incident was traumatizing for all of them and made them do everything to protect themselves and especially their children.

Not only Kim went through a terrible event, but her younger sister, Kendall, as well. Earlier this month, the model was the victim of burglary and lost 200K dollars worth of jewelry.

Now, the Kardashian clan wants to prevent any situation that would endanger them and hired a lot of security.

The momager, Kris Jenner, dished everything about the protection they receive for US Weekly. These past events have made them  open their eyes to see the threats their family receives, so they have reached an insane level of protection.

From them all, Kim and her husband Kanye West are the ones that take the most extreme measures. They are currently planning to expand their security team after they fired a couple of bodyguards.

The ones that were still left after the Paris incident, had to go trough lie detector tests to see if they got involved in it or no. Fortunately, all of them passed. 

Constantly, the members of the security check all around the house to see if there is any sign of threat. Also, the guests the family has need to by patted down by the bodyguard before entering the house.

Kim  has a driver that is always by her side. A numerous team of bodyguards follow her everywhere she goes.