Spring means rebirth, so it is the perfect moment to start living a healthy life. Of course, this means eating clean and healthy.

Now, it is time to get rid of anything bad in our lives and start living healthier.

Here are a few tips from nutritionists and their advice to get in the best shape of your life:

The first thing you should do to start living healthier is switch the refined carbs to whole grains. Aliments that contain refined carbs raise the levels of sugar in our blood and do no good for our pancreas. This makes us feel sleepy and tired all the time, which is not good especially in the Spring.

Plus, they make us fatter, as fat gathers especially on the thighs and abdomen.

Try whole grains, which give you energy and keep you full, and switch the white bread for one made of quinoa or spelt four.

Steer clear from the fruit juice and instead eat fresh fruits. Juices contain more calories and a lot more sugar than the fruit itself so that’s why the fresh fruit is better.

Instead of consuming the unhealthy butter, try coconut oil. Choose the organic version and you will feel better in no time at all. Coconut oil is perfect for getting rid of bacteria and fights  cholesterol.

Another great thing that comes from coconuts is yogurt. Eat it instead of dairy as it is low in fat and in calories and will make you feel as new.

Sugar is another enemy of our body, so switch it with grated apples. Try to sweeten your food by adding a little grated apple on top. It goes well with your morning oatmeal or with your bowl of granola.