Earlier this month, President Donald Trump and his team came up with a brand-new immigration ban. Unfortunately for the president, his executive order was blocked hours before taking effect.

A federal judge from Hawaii, Derrick Watson, was the one to take the measure. He released a lengthy paper to explain why this policy is unconstitutional and a discrimination against Muslims.

However, his action didn’t go unnoticed as now he is receiving death threats.

According to a spokesperson from FBI, the judge received several threats lately. Everything started after he halted the order. The agency is aware of the threats that are coming Watson’s way and are ready to offer help.

An organization from the US that is in charge of protecting federal judges flew a few days ago to offer him protection. The members now offer him security 24 hours a day.

The organization did not specify what exact measures they are taking, but when they are called, they offer additional security.

Watson halted the ban on the 15th of this month, while Trump was to implement it the following day.

The new revised ban now included only six countries, all of them with Muslim-majority citizens. The refugee program was to be blocked by the ban, while the new visas were not granted to these people.

Trump’s initial ban was also halted by a judge and the president was extremely unhappy then. This time, surprisingly, he didn’t say anything about the fact that his second ban got halted. However, we might hear something about a ban in the future, as it is something he really wishes for.