Prince George is all grown up now and already knows what he wants!

According to Star magazine, the little prince told his grandparents, Prince Charles and Camilla , that he loves being a big brother. Him and his little sister, Charlotte, are best friends and get closer and closer to each other every day.

George loves being a brother so much that he wishes for another sibling.

The same magazine reported that George told his grandparents that the Duchess is pregnant again. Apparently, Kate is expecting her third child and is currently pregnant.

George and his mommy were having tea with Charles and Camilla and the three-year-old was beyond excited to be next to his mother. He acted very affectionate and kept hugging her.

We don’t know what to think about this as Kate was indulging a couple of weeks ago in a big glass of Guinness.

Even if she is not pregnant now, the Duchess still wants to expand her family. She wants at least two more children. She loves being a mother and has always dreamed of a big family with William.

The 35-year-old wants to bring into the world other children pretty soon, as she plans on doing it until she’s forty.

Until conceiving again, Prince William and Kate plan a big move this year. They want to move to London, so getting pregnant now would be  pretty tiring with all the arrangements that need to be made.

For now, Kate can enjoy her two bundles of joy, who are always up to something and who always bring a smile on her face.