Sia just stunned everyone with her youthful and fresh complexion as she stepped out without her signature wig. This is the first time the artist makes a public appearance like this. She usually wears a wig everywhere she goes.

This week, the beautiful singer arrived at the airport wearing a comfortable outfit and her beautiful blond locks left down. No wig was covering her face anymore, so we got to see her gorgeous skin and amazing blue eyes.

Everyone was basically left speechless by her amazing look. No one thought that she looked this good behind that wig.

Although in her early forties, the singer looks like she is actually in her twenties. With such a complexion, we wonder what are her secrets.

Her fans also noticed that her look is far changed from the one she had years ago. She transformed both physically and as an artist.

Instead of her black and white wig with bangs or just her short blond hair, Sia now showcased her beautiful long hair. She has always sported edgy looks with short hair and bold bangs. 

Sia is always highly preoccupied of keeping her personal life as private as possible. This is the reason why she covers her face with the funky wigs. The artist herself opened up about this, she declared that she likes baggier clothes and hair over her face so that her identity could be kept private.

Now it looks like she is finally ready to change her look. She did reveal that she wants to try something new with her appearance.