It looks like president Donald Trump is furious at his daughter and at his son-in-law as they enjoy vacation while he deals with the failure of his healthcare bill.

Yesterday, the bill was supposed to be passed, but Republicans decided that this vote is not going to take place as they don’t have enough support. Of course, the most furious one was Trump, who is now stuck with Obamacare, the policy he hates so much.

Besides blaming the Democrats for not showing supports, Trump also lashed out a little bit at Ivanka and Jared Kushner, who are now in vacation in Aspen. His daughter has always been by his side, but this time she failed to do so.

Trump considered that it was important to have them both by his side. He really relies on them to give him advice.

Instead of skiing and having fun in Aspen, they should show their support for the country.

He is especially upset at Kushner, who is his senior advisor, who should have been by his side during this tumultuous week.

All week long, the Republican party still struggled to get some more votes and that is why they postponed the vote so much. Trump was so pissed off that they kept postponing that he even gave them an ultimatum.

Yesterday, he held a press conference at the White House after it was announced that the vote will no longer take place. He looked incredibly upset, even angry.

While the POTUS deals with this, his favorite daughter, Ivanka and her three children have tons of fun in Aspen, where they have been all week long.