In case you ever dreamed of owning an item that was once a celebrity’s, you now have the chance to get your hands on some. An auction will feature some of the most popular items once owned by celebs that have became their signature.

Right this Monday, Bonhams is going to hold the auction that will feature items owned by music royalty. Starting today, until tomorrow morning you will be able to take a look at these fabulous things.

Among the items, you will see the famous hoodie Eminem wore in his most famous movie, “8 Mile”. This hoodie was worn by the rapper in the scene with ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. It doesn’t come as a bargain, though, as the price starts from 10,000 dollars and can reach 20,000 or even more.

Jimi Handrix’s record will also be auctioned along with posters of James Brown.

A sparkly outfit that was one Cher’s is much cheaper than Eminem’s item. You can purchase it for a prince that ranges between 300 or 500 dollars. You can also get our hand on a windbreaker that has her and her former husband’s, Sonny, insignia.

From late Michael Jackson, you will be able to purchase a glove or a fedora. These cost about 5,000 or 7,000 dollars, they were the king’s after all.

Items that were once Katy Perry’s or Glen Campbell’s are also available. There are a lot of pieces that have been worn in movies or look a lot like costumes, but there are also items that you can sport on a daily bases.