Last night, at about nine Pm, a huge explosion was heard in Merseyside. Two buildings were extremely affected and more than thirty were left with pretty bad injuries, including a couple of victims that are in a severe state.

The buildings affected include a Chinese restaurant and a dance studio. Other places in the near area were also affected.

Authorities rushed immediately to the place and offered help to the victims.

The explosion was caused by a gas leak and it was so big that it was heard in nearby cities.

At first, many residents believed it was a terrorist attack when hearing the explosion. As terrorist attacks have been so common lately, especially in the United Kingdom, it was normal for them to have such thoughts. Fortunately, it was no such thing.

The residents were all extremely scared, especially the ones that live the nearest. One of them declared that he went outside after the explosion and all that he saw was devastation.

Some residents jumped immediately to offer help to the ones injured, some were under rubble.

The victims could have been basically anyone, not just the ones inside, this area is pretty popular in the city, people walk their pets around.

These people showed a lot of solidarity as they immediately offered their help, even before the police and the ambulances arrived. Because of them, people were saved.

The hospitals nearby gave all the necessary treatment to the victims. One is still in a critical state.