The largest artificial sun the world has ever seen is owned by Germany. The aerospace center created this amazing system with the hope that one day they will use it to create fuels that are good for the environment.

They entitled the system ‘Synlight” and placed it in Juelich. The system is incredibly powerful, being able to compact the power of ten thousand suns into one single spot. They used roughly 150 xenon short-arc lamps to build it.

When they launched it, the experts compacted about 350 kilowatts into a piece of metal that has about eight by eight inches. Although some might think that it is not okay to put so much power into such a small spot, the team hopes that this system will enable them to create new elements.

Their biggest goal is to create hydrogen, because it is the single fuel that does not emit carbon when it is burned. Hydrogen fuels do not occur on our planet, however, they are only met in stellar conditions.

Their system has a process of heating metal up to 1,5000 degrees Fahrenheit. They spray the metal then with a water vapor. The sheet reacts with oxygen and then results in hydrogen, which is left behind.

Because working with hydrogen can be pretty dangerous, these experts found a way to use and store it safely. This substance is extremely powerful, it can be used to fuel even rockets and let’s not even mention cars or planes.

The main problem the scientists have now is the amount of energy their system consumes. In just four hours of use, it consumes as much as one house does in one-year time. They hope to come up with something to make this consume less.