bomb threats

The police department from New York is sick and tired of all the complaints that the president’s tower has been receiving lately. The protection they need to offer has been way too much.

What makes their job even worse is the fact the the First Lady, Melania, and her son live in the building, so they need to aways be alert.

The Secret Service is also complaining about this and they have even asked for more funding starting next year. The amount of work they have to do for the Trump clan is absurd.

Lately, bomb threats have been the biggest issue. Ever since Donald Trump took the office, such threats have been pouring. The number of bomb threats they receive per week has reached three.

Apparently, one single guy keeps making these threats or, at least, the majority of them.

Every time a threat like this comes up, police officers rush to the building with sniff dogs and take quite a while to investigate everywhere. Sometimes, they even need to evacuate the building in case the threat is serious, but they didn’t do so so far.

Until now, they have not found something.

Besides this, the Trump Tower has lost a lot of its popularity with the owner being inaugurated.

The FLOTUS and her son, Barron, are the main concern of the Secret Service and the most important guests of the building. Fortunately, maybe with the departure of the two in June, the police department will take a break from this mess.