Scarlett Johansson has a ‘thing’ for chefs, as she herself said it: she finds Gordon Ramsay the ‘hottest guy’ ever.

She recently filed the papers for divorcing her husband, Romain Dauriac, and she’s still fighting in court for the custody of her daughter, Rose.

Although she recently experienced some awful events, nothing prevented the actress from remaining calm and self-confident.

She even revealed her newest passion for two famous men.

During her appearance on Tonight’s show on Monday evening, Scarlett Johansson, aged 32, revealed that she secretly loves two famous men, but also that she had been rejected in the past.

“Who wouldn’t anyone want to be with you!?”, asked the presenter. The modest blonde replied, “I mean, there is a butt for every seat. Frankly, I’m the type who likes Gordon Ramsay”, she admitted.

Gordon Ramsay vs. Anthony Bourdain.

Scarlett had little luck with the British chef cook, aged 50 years because he is married and is living happily with his wife Tana, since 1996.

But, there is a second candidate on the actress’ list. She fell in love with another chef, one that is much older than her, Anthony Bourdain (60 years)

Did Romain know nothing about cooking, since Johansson chose to dump him?

The star from “Ghost in the Shell” has recently filed for divorce and has a daughter aged three years with Romain Dauriac. However, the actress recently said that she would not like to discuss her divorce publicly for the sake of her daughter.