It looks like Donald Trump’s presidency sparked a lot of aesthetic surgeries. Since November, people started to inject Botox more often.

Starting January, the number of searches on Google about Botox increased a lot and reached the highest number in more than twelve years.

An expert in such surgeries and a professor at Georgetown University Hospital opened up about this issue. Mrs. Tina Alster believed that the change in administration has made people do injections with Botox more often.

The demand has increased a lot recently, although demands for Botox have always been a lot. Some customers repeat their injections even before the due date and the main reason is stress.

Alster declared that a lot of customers tell her that they wake up sometimes with fine lines on their faces from bad dreams they had. Some of them dream about being bombarded or something that has to do with the new administration.

A site that specializes in cosmetic surgeries and features reviews has encountered a lot of visits. The interest for Botox has raised a lot in the United States. In just three months, the interest raised by four per cent.

Other experts also opened up about this issue. They declared that a lot of patients come in their office and complain about the political system. They fear that something bad is going to happen and this has affected their faces. Botox seemed to be the only option.

Other customers believe that Botox is good to alleviate headaches or migraines.