The First Lady, Melania, traveled from New York to DC to be by her husband in a day where they meet with senators. The couple welcomed senators and their partners and had a nice day at the White House.

Members from both the Democrat party and the Republican one gathered. The President held a speech in which he made a few promises, including healthcare.

Before he took the stage, Trump walked with his beautiful wife in the ballroom. The First Lady looked amazing in a black dress created by Roland Mouret.

After seeing the crowd that featured both Republicans and Democrats, Trump said that is a very good thing and predicts a new healthcare system soon.

After the flop from last Friday, where the Republicans failed to vote the new healthcare bill, the President is confident that they are going to come up with something soon.

He declared that they will all have to make a deal about this soon. Last Friday, the POTUS claimed that the lack of support from Democrats is what made the vote go wrong. Now, he claims that reaching a deal with Democrats is very easy.

Trump added that he plans to work with a bipartisan organization, as it seems something that the country wants.

Right now, they think of their next move in terms of healthcare. The speaker, Paul Ryan, declared that they are doing anything possible to improve the healthcare system and to come up with something new.

They are discussing ideas now and will reveal the final solution later.