After the divorce from Brad Pitt, it looks like Angelina is ready for another big change. Apparently, the actress has got her eyes on a mansion worth 25 million dollars.

Jolie and her former husband already have an impressive estate, a chateau in France and a private island, they have several homes, while Jolie has a hideaway in Cambodia. It looks like the 41-year-old wants to add a new house to the list.

But the mansion that caught up her eye is not a regular one, but one that has a historic value.

The house is located in California and was once Cecille B. DeMille’s, the founder of the cinema in the US.

A source close to the actress can confirm that she plans on making this estate her new home.

The mansion was build in 1913 and has enough room for all of her six children and her.

This house has about 2.1 acres of land around it, so the kids would have plenty of place to play.

Inside, it features six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It also features a pool and the stunning view.

Some of the actress’ fortune got affected as she had to split some things with her ex. For example, the vineyard they own in France is now split between them. This venue is pretty special, as the two spent a lot of time here and is the place where they chose to tie the knot.

The two also have a business based here. Starting next year, you will see wine bottles with their name on them.