Is Chelsea Clinton following her mother’s steps?

Recently, there have been quite a few rumors about the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton. People think that she is thinking of running for office.

In fact, this would not be a surprise as Chelsea has been pretty involved in politics lately. Since Donald Trump took the office, she made sure to take him into account on every mistake he made.

Now, the 37-year-old responds to these claims herself and sets the record clear.

In an interview with Variety, Chelsea says that no, she is not going to run for president. She declared that in order to run for this position, one must ask himself a couple of questions.

If he has a vision for doing something in this job or if he is better than the one that is in charge now.

Right now, her answer for the second question is no. She doesn’t think that she is better than her city’s mayor or senators. But, she has a strong opinion against Donald Trump. She cannot stand him, she doesn’t support him and she hopes that he will be defeated in the following election. 

In spite of this, she is not the person for this job. Right now, she believes that this is not for her, but she never knows what the future might bring.

If something changes, then she will answer these questions then.

Even if she won’t take a public position, Chelsea is not going to be quiet about politics. She will continue to be just as vocal as she has been until now, especially when it comes to President Trump.