vitamin b12

According to a new study, children that have vegan mothers are more likely than other kids to perform bad at school or in situations that require mental abilities.

The reason why is because while they are in the womb, they don’t receive all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

This research was ran in Norway and the team came to the conclusion that this can affect the children’s development.

Young infants were involved in this study. Researchers realized that Vitamin B12 or better said the lack of it, is what affects the children’s development. The ones that did not get enough of it in the womb did pretty badly on tests.

This vitamin is common in eggs and dairy and in meat.

Scientists realized that these kids were not able to solve puzzles, read letters or understand what other kids are feeling.

A deficiency of this vitamin can affect the development of the brain.

The kids that took part of this study are from Nepal. About five hundred of them were involved. Researchers collected data when they were babies and then returned  at the age of five years to conduct several tests to establish their mental skills.

Not only that Vitamin B12 is really important, but D one as well. Zinc and iron are extremely important in the development of a child.

But by far, B12 is the most important one. A deficiency could even lead to anemia. The pregnancy can also be affected and can lead to premature births.

Such problems are usually encountered in low income countries, where mothers-to-be don’t eat as much meat as it should.

You can read the entire study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


  1. Twisted out of proportion as usual, a flawed and ridiculous study in this day and age. Wonder about the financial bias on this one! The vegan children that I know happen to be of above average intelligence, but of course genetics and environment go a long way with that. How you can think Nepal with it’s limitations in regard to health, teaching standards, nutrition, sanitation etc is in any way representative on a global scale is embarrassing you as the author. First of all I laughed and then thinking about it it’s terrifying that such research is allowed to be published at all. Annoying!

    • Thank you, I couldn’t find it because I was using the “vegan” keyword 😛
      The author of this post should be more concerned about malnourished kids in Nepal due to poverty, than trying to extrapolate their situation to vegans worldwide. It would be more useful to cite a study that shows that B12 supplementation doesn’t work on vegans.