President Donald Trump has a huge plan for this year and the sum it requires is “yuuuuge”.

Apparently, the POTUS has an infrastructure plan that is going to take effect later this year. This plan costs roughly one trillion dollars and the president is looking for funds.

The one who delivered the news is Elaine Chao, the Transportation secretary. All that she said is that Trump’s administration is going to unveil this plan later this year.

Mrs. Chao opened up about this plan at an event recently. This initiative includes a strategic plan for about ten years that is going to require one trillion dollars. This plan will not include only transportation, but energy, water and even the hospitals for veterans.

The administration has a plan of modernizing several transportation fields. We already know that Trump wants to modernize the roads, but he will also make changes in airports, the water system, bridges and more.

According to Mrs. Chao, the administration is looking to close agreements that are kept private.

She also added that this plan is going to speed up the processes for projects run by the Government.

However, investors are not too confident in this plan. Some think that the administration will not succeed in winning approval this year. Some investors are not sure about how the president’s plans for growth are going to be implemented.

Trump already did some major changes. For example, earlier this month, he cut down the budget for the Transportation Department for the following year.

He also eliminated a program of the former president’s, therefore saving almost five hundred million dollars.