Ivanka Trump just received a brand-new role at the White House. After getting her very own office, the president’s oldest daughter is now set to become his assistant.

Actually, it was a matter of time for this to happen, as Donald Trump revealed how supportive his daughter is and how she gives him advice all the time.

As she receives this position, it means that she is now a governmental employee.

According to The NY Times, Ivanka is not going to be paid for her job.

Ivanka released a statement about her upcoming position. She wrote that she heard about the complaints of her receiving an office in the West Wing and how this would break the ethic rules. Therefore, she will take the job as her father’s assistant and will not get paid for it.

She is going to respect all of the rules from the White House just like the others employees. Until now, Ivanka worked with a counsel from the White House and her personal one to make sure that she fulfills all of her job’s tasks.

This decision definitely raises a few questions, as a couple of months ago, when  she moved to DC, Ivanka said that she would not work for her father. She made clear then that she will not get involved.

All that she said is that she is going to support her father and her husband, who became the Senior Adviser. 

Even if she said that she is going to stick out of the business, Ivanka spent a lot of time at the White House. She attended so many official meetings and has always been by the president’s side.