It looks like the director of FBI planned on revealing the ties between Trump’s team and Russia from last year, before the elections.

James Comey revealed that he wanted to make everything public. He had enough information from last summer, but what stopped him from doing do is Barack Obama’s administration.

According to sources, Comey presented to the administration documents about these ties last summer. He was in a meeting at the White House when he asked them what people would think of these documents.

In the meeting were present Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General, Susan Rice, Obama’s security adviser and more.

The reason why the administration of the former president did not want this information out is because they wanted more agencies to prove this, not a single one. They thought that people would believe in this if it came from more organizations.

At that time, Comey planned to publish this information in The New York Times. In fact, the information he presented was the same one that the US intelligence community made known at the beginning of this year.

In the documents, the intelligence community wrote that Russian president Vladimir Putin had an influence in the US elections.

Last summer, all that Comey revealed was Hilary Clinton’s emails. He failed to show the other documents, though.

A few days ago, Comey revealed that the FBI is still investigating the Russian ties. He declared that the hackers from Russia were pretty messy, so noticing them was easy. Their investigation includes the search for any possible crimes.