After months of waiting, Lana Del Rey is finally releasing a brand-new album. As she just dropped a new track, we kind of expected her to also come up with an album.

We still don’t have the release date, but a thing we know for sure, the title. The album is entitled “Lust for Life” and is as good as we expected.

This is the singer’s fifth studio album and her first one in two years. Her fans have waited for quite a while to hear new music from her and she finally delivered. Her last album is “Honeymoon”.

To announce her upcoming album, Lana released a trailer that features her voice. The trailer is all about an imaginary life inside the H from the Hollywood sign.

Like usual, the trailer is a bit weird, but keeps the singer’s note.

She narrates about why she decided to write music again, why she took a break and what the title is about.

Lana talks about dark times, so we cannot help but wonder if she is going to get political in her music. The singer is one of the many artists that blasted Donald Trump. A while ago, she even said that she cast a spell on him.

The trailer for the album is black and white and just dropped on youtube. We cannot wait to hear her new album, which will be out soon. We are positively sure that as per usual, she is going to charm us with her music.