Ed Sheeran is not only a really great artist, but has a golden heart. The singer did the nicest gesture for a boy from Liberia.

Ed saved a little orphan’s life. The singer was brought to tears by his story and gave him the chance at a brand-new life.

According to MailOnline, little JD has a new mother and a few siblings and is ready for happiness.

Ed refused to leave him behind after he saw the inhuman conditions in which the boy lived. He did everything possible to save him and succeeded.

With the help of a charity, JD now lives in a new home.  Journalists visited his new place and found a smiling boy that is happy with his new family. He is thankful for Ed and the support he received from him and for everyone who donated for him.

Before getting here, JD lived on the streets, had no clothes and was hanging with a group of boys who have been the victims of abuse.

The singer saw him and his friends and offered them a hotel room to stay. Before Ed showed up, they used to sleep in a canoe. 

The Brit’s trip to Liberia was transmitted in an episode of Comic Relief. Sheeran is seen crying as he learned about the way these boys live.

After the episode aired last week, everyone died to know about what happened with JD and the boys. Everyone is doing fine. JD is better than ever and happy in his new home with his new family.