It appears as older women start to consume more alcohol and develop a habit out of it. Now, more and more women get this habit as they grow older.

According to a new study, women in America are prone to start drinking heavily as they get older. Binge drinking among  older females has increased a lot lately. Women even drink more than men their age.

Researchers came to the conclusion the rate of men drinking at an older age is the same since the 70’s. On the other hand, the number grows every year by four per cent for women.

Drinking alcohol can become a major problem for women and their health, especially if they are older.

Rosalind Breslow is the author of the study. She says that females do not tolerate alcohol as much as men do, so their problems with alcohol can start at a lower level of drinking. 

Women weigh less and have less water in their bodies than men. As alcohol dissolves in water, this can be a major issue. A woman can harm herself faster than a man even if they drink the same quantity.

The age is also a problem. Older people are put at a much greater risk than younger ones. Alcohol can affect them a lot and can lead to injuries, that are pretty dangerous.

The number of persons aged over sixty that develop a drinking habit is likely to increase in the next years, warn researchers.

Alcohol can affect in a major way especially at this age and can even lead to death.