It looks like little North West is a fan of Ariana Grande. Her mommy, Kim Kardashian, took her to one of the singer’s concerts and then backstage, where they took pictures together.

The mother-daughter duo had a fun girl’s night out together. They went to the concert in Los Angeles last night in matching outfits and had tons of fun.

Of course, the socialite took a couple of pictures and immediately posted them on Snapchat. It’s no secret anymore that her 3-year-old dies not fear social media or taking pictures anymore, so she took the pictures in Ariana’s arms.

It looks like little Norrie stole Ariana’s heart as the singer kept gushing about her.

Like usual, North was beyond adorable and fashionable. Her hair was done up in two buns and wore a pair of cat ears, just like Ariana. She and her mother took pictures with fun filers, the bunny ears one and the one with the flower crown.

Kim looked sexy like usual with a burgundy jumpsuit, high heels and an oversize jacket. The celebrity also showcased her brand-new due, slick, straight and much shorter.

North was very cozy in her dress with a T-shirt underneath and Converse snickers.

Kim loves spending time with her two kids. She admits that sometimes things get messy. For example, North likes to annoy her little brother sometimes and he starts crying. But the two also have plenty of times when they get along very well.

These days, Kim posted a few pictures of her kids. One shows her son and the other pictures her and North in matching dresses.