The former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, asks for immunity in the case about the ties between Russia and Trump’s administration.

Flynn has been himself accused of carrying the ties with Russia before and after the election. After resigning from his governmental position and weeks later, he asks for immunity.

Now, officials are discussing whether he should be granted this or no. Of course, he would be given immunity if he gives something in return. They are thinking of granting him the immunity if he testifies at a congressional investigation about the ties.

Recently, Flynn, who has been investigated for a while for maintaining these ties, has been asked about some meetings he had with a woman from the UK. The woman is believed to have had connection with a spy agency from Russia.

The former adviser says that he needs protection as this prosecution has been nothing but ‘unfair’ to him.

His lawyer declared that his client is willing to testify as he has some very interesting stories to say. He is willing to say anything about the ties the president’s administration had with Russia.

Trump responded to this yesterday and he agrees with Flynn’s decision. He also added that these investigations are led by Democrats and the media in some sort of “witch hunt”. The president also thinks that this is an excuse for them for the big loss at the elections.

Flynn’s declaration could be extremely important as a huge investigation is now taking place about the ties with Russia. He is not the only one who is being investigated, several other members of the staff are.