Donald Trump keeps on surprising us. This time, he decided that April should be the month of Sexual Assault Awareness. His decision has completely taken people aback as it is pretty unexpected.

Yesterday, he just made the news known. April is now officially the month of Sexual Assault Awareness or the Prevention Month.

This is definitely weird coming from him given the fact that he has been accused of assaulting women several times in the past. Also, once he was recorded while he was discussing about “grabbing women by the p**y”.

His decision of naming this month one of raising awareness for sexual assault is actually controversial and people have already responded. But not the naming itself is what have people mad, but the one who did so.

Actually, the former president, Barack Obama, has proclaimed April like this every year since he took the office.

In his interview from yesterday, Trump declared that they are going to dedicate this month to fighting this and raising awareness. Everyone has dignity and that should not be violated.

On social media, people have several opinion. Some think that this is a prank for April’s Fools Day. Others showed support, while others had something to say about the women who accused him of sexual assault.

Some were ironic, while some believe that since Trump has become president, he definitely raised awareness for this.

“This is a good time to remind people that at least twelve women came forward and said that they were sexually assaulted by Trump, “ wrote one Twitter user.