royal couple

Prince Charles continues his European tour in Italy. He stopped at the war graves that belong to the British today.

His and his wife’s, Camilla, first stop of the tour was in Romania and then they arrived yesterday in Italy. Here, the prince started his trip by visiting the graves in Vicenza. He visited the cemetery and met military today.

Meanwhile, Camilla stopped in Naples, where she visited La Gloriette, a mural that features symbols of the mafia. This property has now become a perfect place for sightseeing. Once, it belonged to one of the largest mafia groups.

Not only that tourists come here, but the place has been transformed in a community center run by a social co-operative. The Duchess of Cornwall chatted with the vulnerable people, who came at the center to engage in educational and social activities.

The Duchess is going to soon leave to meet her husband in Florence.

This is just their second day of the Italian tour before Vatican. They kicked off the European trip in Romania, where they arrived on Wednesday. The royal couple had a nice time there, as they both like the country so much.

After Vatican, they are going to visit Austria. The whole trip is expected to take nine days and has the main purpose of reassuring these countries of their friendship and support amidst Brexit. Even if Brexit takes place, the royal couple wants to reassure that their friendship is going to endure.

This trip is extremely important as the Article 50 has just been triggered.