These days, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Bowles, paid an official visit in Romania. During his visit, the prince met a young boy, who completely charmed him.

Prince Charles hugged him and journalists were there to capture the sweet moment. Now, we cannot help but ask what is that the boy had to win his heart.

The boy is 11-years-old and the son of a friend of the prince. You can see on both their faces genuine happiness as they hug. This kind of affection is hardly seen coming from a royal.

The child’s name is Valentin and has a gypsy Romanian mother. His father declared to a publication that his son is not afraid of the protocol like the kids in the United Kingdom are, for example.

His son is not inhibited by the formalities. The two are actually really close as they have met before. This is not the first time they hug each other. They have known each other since Valentin was only a toddler.

Prince Charles is currently in a trip around Europe that is set to take nine days. In midst of Brexit, he wants to make sure that he reassures the European leaders that they will continue to have close relationships. His first stop was in Bucharest, where he met the president.

But this is not the first time Charles visits Romania. In fact, he is pretty fond of the country and its natural beauty. He owns an estate in Transylvania and often goes there to relax ad enjoy the nature. The prince even joked that has Romania in his blood.