space x

Space X just respected its promise and made history. Elon Musk’s company successfully launched a rocket for the second time.

The Falcon 9 rocket, which jetted into space last year, launched successfully on March 30th for the second time. This is going to make missions into space much affordable.

The rocket launched from Florida and then returned on a platform in the ocean. This is the first time a company uses a recycled booster, which is the most expensive piece of a rocket.

This is just another milestone that Musk and Space X add on the list. Not only that they launched the rocket for the second time, but they managed to save its components upon landing. The goal for this company and its owner is to make missions much cheaper and shorten the period between shots into space.

They just managed to do what scientists have been trying to do for ages but failed.

As this has been a success, Space X is going to constantly launch recycled rockets, therefore offering their clients a major discount.

This moment means a lot for the people at Space X, who worked on this for more than fifteen years. But it is not important only for them, but for every scientist that has ever tried to do this.

Now, the next goal for the company is to re-fly a rocket in a period of just 24 hours. Musk promised that they will make this happen until the end of this year.

With such bold goals and moments worthy of history, we are definitely going to hear a lot from this company. Space travel has just been revolutionized.