Donald Trump tax reform

The White House just revealed how much some of Donald Trump’s team make per year. Yesterday, they began releasing the numbers the senior officials get.

You will be amazed about how much some of them earn, while others make much less per year.

When they released these financial forms, the White House asked publications which information about whom they wanted to know. So, they emailed each publication the forms. After receiving those emails, journalists made known to everyone theses sums.

Here are how much some of Trump’s staffers make:

Steve Bannon, the Senior Strategist, must have the biggest salary. Last year he made more than one million dollars. From Breitbart, where he used to work, he received about 190K dollars, while his firm, Bannon Strategic Advisers brought him about 490K dollars.

Ivanka Trump, who recently became a governmental employee, received in 2016 from her business trust more than fifty million dollars and that’s not all.

Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, earned money from her company entitled Woman Trend. She earned more than 500,000 dollars.

Dan Scavino, the Social Media Adviser, made in 2016 300K dollars. He received this money before he joined the White House. What brought him this money is the consultation he offered during the electoral campaign.

KT McFarland is the deputy national security adviser and made last year about 60K dollars. This came from a station of cable news. Before joining Trump’s team, KT was linked to FOX News. KT also made a lot of money from paid speeches, one costed even 10K dollars.