Brooklyn Beckham is his father’s doppleganger. Not only that he inherited his father’s looks, but shares the same passions. The oldest child of Victoria and David Beckham is all grown up and already got his very first tattoo.

Just like his father, Brooklyn has a passion for tattoos, but waited until turning 18 to get his first one. Of course, David and Victoria must have had something to say in this. Yesterday, him and his father visited a tattoo parlor where he got his first ink.

The 18-year-old made sure to share the experience on social media. He shared a picture of him while he got the tattoo on his arm.

His tattoo is pretty special: a native American. On social media, he wrote that he is proud to receive his first tattoo from his father’s friend. His name is Mark and owns a tattoo parlor in Hollywood. David is one of his clients and longtime friend.

Brooklyn is really good friends with his father and looks up to him. So, it’s no wonder that he chose to get a tattoo. We are for sure going to see him get more inks on his body soon as his father has tons of them all over his body, including the names of his children and wife.

Before visiting the tattoo parlor, Brooklyn spent the previous night at Ariana Grande’s concert in Los Angeles. His father did not join him at his concert, though. Instead, the teenager brought along his ex-girlfriend, with whom he was seen in Paris two weeks ago.