Yesterday, Arsenal had an important match against Manchester City that ended with a score of 2 to 2.

With this tie, they proved that they still have a chance this season after all in the Premier League. The goal for everyone is to reach the top four and Manchester City is already at the top of the list.

In spite of the success, the fans of Arsenal were restless in the stands. They started fighting each other with no explanation why. Others caught them on video.

The fight was broken and then, the ones involved were taken off from the stadium.

Recently, Arsenal’s fans have been pretty tense. A reason for this is Arsene Wenger, the one that the supporters want to see leaving the club. A while ago, they held protests, they even had a huge banner on a plane and keep pushing for his departure.

Just like the supporters of the club, the manager was pretty tense yesterday. He kept squeezing a bottle of water as his team conceded second.

After the two clubs reached a tie, Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero almost scored again, at which point Wenger was not having it anymore. He was beyond frustrated.

After all, in spite of the fight and tension, the match was a good one for Arsenal, which still has not lost its last hope. Maybe they will have a chance in the top four after all and Wenger will get the chance to prove that his career is not over.