It looks like President Donald Trump has no more patience when it comes to the nuclear threat that comes from North Korea. At first, there was a desire to cooperate with China to defeat this threat, but it looks like Trump wants to take care of this on his own.

The United States are prepared to do anything to defeat the threat imposed by North Korea and might take measures sooner than thought.

In a recent interview, the president declared that he is going to do something about the nuclear threat whether China helps or not. This Thursday, Trump is set to meet the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

This is the first time the two leaders meet and will have as a topic for discussion the nuclear threat coming from North Korea. Trump wants a cooperation with China, as he knows how influential the country is when it comes to North Korea.

Their help is more than needed, but there is one problem: he is not willing to wait anymore.

In his interview, the president even released a small threat. He said that China’s help would be very good for them, but is they refuse to give support, then things will end bad for everyone.

One of Trump’s plans against the nuclear threat and the dictatorship is military action. He wants to intervene soon enough, as this threat just keeps getting bigger.

Until now, Trump has been pretty judgmental about China, but he did say a couple of times how much he respects the president. We will see what decision the two leaders take after the big meeting from later this week.