According to data, drones can lead to up to ten deaths per day in the United Kingdom.

Police receives calls about such cases on a daily bases and this lead to the decrease of the popularity for these devices. Thousands of incidents occur and people even get killed.

Accidents created by drones could happen even in your neighborhood. Some even use this tiny devices to injury others on purpose.

The data released by police departments reveals that the number of deaths that occurred since 2014 until 2016 increased by a lot. Last year alone there were about 3340 incidents, which is the equivalent of ten per day.

This number is for sure shocking. It has increased by a lot since 2014, when there were only 283 deaths that were the result of drone incidents. In 2015, about 1235 deaths were provoked by these devices.

This number is a result of the increase of sales in drones in the last period. In the last few years, drones have been very popular. Some of them are cheap and come with a camera integrated, so there are a lot of customers.

While the police is not called only for deadly incidents, but for complaints. There were a lot of cases when people called the police after assuming that their neighbors bought drones just to annoy them.

Others were threatened with being hit with the device. There are also cases of burglary using drones. A thing is for sure, these tiny devices are very disturbing, especially in small neighborhoods.