An asteroid that was the size of a bus came incredibly close to our planet last night. The distance was smaller than the one between our planet and the Moon, only 202K miles.

According to experts, in spite of the distance and size, it imposed no threat to us or to the Moon. They entitled the object 2017 FJ101 after first noticing it a few days ago from Hawaii.

Scientists have been trying for years ways to deal with asteroids, which can be a huge threat or none at all. After years of work, they came with enough measures and are now extremely prepared.

Even the White House released  documents about these measures. The strategy they have is extremely complex and offers protection in case a space object hits us.

In the documents, they wrote that they are trying to improve the country’s level of preparation in case an object from space hits. For enhancing the protection they are using assets from both the United States and from abroad. They are also trying to come up with new technologies and measures.

Until now, there have been cases when asteroids hit the earth. For example, one struck our planet four years ago, in Russia, where it created massive damage. More than one thousand people were injured.

What made this worse is the fact that no warning came before, so in case something like this happens again, they want to make sure that they emit a warning in advance.

They want to make sure that the technology they have now will enable them to predict the travel of an asteroid.