A while ago, “Friends” alum Matthew Perry revealed that he went to elementary school with the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau. While they were kids, the latter was beaten by the actor.

Now, after so many years, Justin wants a rematch and he just officially challenged his ‘rival.’

When he was young, Perry was a little bit of a bully and his main target was none other than Trudeau. The two were into the same sports and as Trudeau was better at it, Perry got incredibly jealous and that’s why he used to attack him.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the actor told everything about their relationship. He said that a pal, Chris Murray, who was in the same class with him and Trudeau, reminded him that they actually beat the current Canadian Prime Minister.

Jealously is what pushed them both to do so. After Perry’s interview, Trudeau finally responded.

He wrote on social media that he has been thinking about having a rematch. Also, who would not love to punch Chandler? 

The PM could not have chosen a better day to make this joke. He posted his cheeky message right on April’s Fools.

Now, Trudeau has more chances to beat Perry, as he constantly trains and likes boxing. He loves sports and always takes time for them.

This would not be the first time Trudeau challenges someone. Years ago, he challenged Patrick Brazeau at a box match for charity. The PM won and according to a newspaper, he used  a series of powerful hits that sent his rival into submission.