On Saturday night, Kim Kardashian went through a pretty terrifying event when she exited a restaurant in Los Angeles.

The star that was dressed in a gorgeous white dress bumped into a stranger that seemed to do it on purpose. Paparazzi caught the moment and the pictures they took just reveal how scared she was.

The terror was seen on her face, as she froze into place with her mouth wide open.

Immediately after the incident, some wrote that this was an attack, but the 36-year-old clarified everything on social media. It was actually no big deal, she was doing well after.

She wrote that her close friends were worried for her after hearing the rumors about an attack. She wanted to let everybody know that she is fine, the man just bumped into her in the parking lot. Kim also wrote that she hopes he is doing fine.

The 36-year-old was out with one of her best friends at a famous restaurant in LA. 

It’s no wonder that she got so scared as months ago she went through the most terrifying event of her life, when she almost faced death. The Paris attack left her with a trauma, so now she is being really cautious.

Apart from the Paris attack, Kim went through similar events like the one from Saturday night. A year ago, a man that is known for making pranks on celebs, hugged her in the middle of the street while her bodyguards tried to get him off her.

The same man also scared her when she was at the fashion week in Paris a couple of years ago. As she was exiting the car, the man appeared out of nowhere and tried to hug her.