Manchester United is ready to get rid of one of its players this summer. The one that is going to be sold is Luke Shaw, who wasn’t good enough this season.

Jose Mourinho, the manager, knows exactly what he wants from his players. He wants ambition and a consistency and commitment most of all. It looks like Shaw lacked all of these as Mourinho was the one to decide his departure.

The relationship between the two got worse and the manger is ready to look for other clubs for him.

On the last game Manchester had on Saturday, Shaw played poorly on the field. He didn’t give everything and did not manage to score at least once.

What made things worse is the fact that the club didn’t win the match although this was very important. It was their last chance at qualifying in the Premier League.

Supporters are expecting Shaw to struggle on the field some more this season.

Mourinho thinks that Luke is far behind other players. On the list of the top five worse players, Luke comes first for sure.

In March, he only got to play seventy minutes, which is an all-time low. 

The manager even opened up about the performance of Shaw. He thinks that he lacks a lot of qualities that  players needs to have in his team. He doesn’t have enough commitment or focus, he cannot even compare him with others.

Manchester United already has a few players in mind to replace Shaw. The top choices are Benjamin Mendy and Kieran Tierney.