On the night of April 1st, a lot of protesters gathered in front of Ivanka Trump’s house from Washington. More than three hundred people marched in order to protest against the decisions that have been taken that put an end to the environmental laws issued by Barack Obama.

Although the protesters gathered in front of her home, there is a huge possibility that she wasn’t even at home. The First Daughter spent the entire week in New York, her hometown.

On Saturday, she posted a picture of her with her three children celebrating her little one’s birthday. So, she must have been in New York as skyscrapers could be seen out on the window.

While she spent time with her kids, protesters marched the streets starting 6 Pm.

The ones that organized the protest wrote a description on social media. They wrote that it is meant to fight all of the disregard that the Trump administration has for the planet. They think that its up to people to fight for the planet and for resources.

Activists for the LGBTQ community also gathered. The protesters danced and sang and put “We Will Rock You” on. Some of them even delivered speeches.

Even if the protest was aimed at the First Daughter, the ones that actually got to suffer from this were the members of the community. The loud music and the huge crowd were incredibly disturbing.

Ivanka’s neighbors already complained about her and her family’s presence. Since they moved in, they have created a lot of discomfort for their neighbors, who even called the authorities.