It’s no secret anymore that Camilla is Prince Charles’ biggest love, as he did everything to be with her. Their affair lasted for more than 45 years and the two are still happily together.

A royal biography contains some very intimate details about their love story. The writer of the book tells everything about their affair and how Prince Charles suffered from his relationship with Princess Diana.

The author starts by praising Camilla, who was quite a catch in her 20’s. Not only that she came from a wealthy family, but had looks and brains.

She had a few flings, but when she was 25, she caught the attention of the prince. She was totally the opposite of Diana, a tomboy, who had a much different childhood and life.

In her 20’s she found herself in a relationship with Andrew Parker Bowles, with whom she married and had kids.

However, when she married him, she was still pretty much fond of the Prince of Wales, who was an understanding and charming man.

She loved Andrew as well and accepted his marriage proposal. When he popped the question, Charles was in Antigua in the army, the news totally shocked him.

When he returned, he had to marry Diana, but his relationship with Camilla did not stop there. They were really good friends, confidants, but, in fact, the prince was deeply in love with her, as a close friend recalls. 

In spite of the rumors, Charles insists that he and Camilla only rekindled their romance in 1986, after his marriage with Diana was doomed.

In 1995, Camilla and Andrew divorced and after Diana’s death, she was slowly brought in the spotlight.