It looks like Donald Trump could be sued after a while ago he incited violence at a rally.

After he did so last year, three protesters filed a lawsuit against him at the beginning of last month. According to a judge, they might have success with their case, as he incited violence at his campaign rally.

After he was blamed for it, the president claimed that it was only free speech and nothing else.

The ones that filed the lawsuit against him said that they came to one of his rally last year to protest. Trump was currently giving a speech in Kentucky. The ones that came to protest wanted it to be peaceful, however, Trump’s supporters were all very violent.

Trump told his supporters to get the protests “out of here,” at which point the three were shoveled out of there by the angry supporters.

In their lawsuit, the three wrote that the president encouraged violence. They think that they were the victims of racism and sexism, after the slurs that came from the supporters.

A judge from Kentucky believes that their lawsuit can go forward against Trump and his supporters as the three can prove that their injuries were a result of Trump’s words. Trump should have known that his words would incite violence,  as they sounded like a command.

In their suit, these people want financial damage, although the sum hasn’t been yet released.

Trump’s team of lawyers fought back and dismissed the lawsuit. However, the First Amendment does not offer protection against violence encouragement.