Coke stomach

A recent experiment conducted by the guys from Molten Science showcased the chemical reaction of our stomach the minute we sip a bottle of Coke.

We are pretty sure these images will make you to think twice before buying another bottle of the popular frizzy drink.

The experiment was published online and the authors used a substance that simulates stomach acid.

As one of the guys pours the Coke onto the substance similar to gastric acid, the bubbles start to multiply until they eventually spill over the glass.

Shortly after the process is completed, the bubbly drink transforms into this weird sludge.

If in the first 60 seconds the authors were able to touch and ‘play’ with the new accelerator, after less than a minute, the substance becomes rock hard.

Besides the fact the appearance is completely inappropriate and looks like something that you should not have in your stomach, the temperature of the recipient was also modified.

Obviously, the experiment sparked some heavy controversies in the online environment because most users are 100% convinced the liquid used by Molten Science doesn’t have the same properties as the acid produced by the stomach.