employees microchips

The ‘era’ of the cyborgs is… now

Unfortunately, the futuristic scenarios with microchips implanted in humans already became a reality.

At least that’s what happens in Sweden where the staff of a very well-known company is implanting microchips beneath the skin of their employees.

Epicenter is one of the most popular working centers in Stockholm and, according to the leading board, not everyone is forced to adopt the harsh method.

Currently, more than 150 employees went through the harsh method

Apparently, the microchip has the exact same size of a rice seed and, in fact, is the most practical thing.

The co-founder and CEO of Epicenter, Patrick Mesterton believes the microchip is perfect when it comes to simplifying our daily routine.

For example, the employees who chose to install the microchip can open any door because the device acts just like a traditional key or access card.

They can access the printing device and they are able to use the microchip as a payment method at the cafeteria.

In conclusion, the implant becomes the most versatile solution for one of the common problems: we carry too many objects and most times we end up forgetting or losing one of them.