Syrians from Europe

The Syrians from Europe expressed their gratitude towards the American president Donald Trump.

The Syrian communities in Europe are supporting Trump’s offensive upon the Syrian air base, because according to them, in this way Syria might become a free country again.

Ziad al Massalmeh established in Romania for years and he is currently running the ‘Free Syria’ organization in Timisoara.

The man revealed Syrians from all around the world were yearning for such a raid against Bashar al-Assad’s army.

‘We are pleased to hear about the raid. We were dreaming about this since Obama was still a president.

If this happened a while ago, the massacre that happened the other day could’ve been avoided because innocent children died.

I think this raid is a signal against Bashar al-Assad and any other politician who believes doing this its ok.  We are supporting Trump’s administration. If Obama would’ve done this, Bashar al-Assad’s days were long gone’, declared Ziad al Massalmeh for a local publication.

Zian and the rest of his community are encouraging Trump and his administration to continue his offensive and to attack other spots controlled by Assad.

On Tuesday, the Syrian province of Idlib became the target of an offensive operation conducted by Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

100 civilians established in the rebel-held area and 11 innocent children were killed and other 400 are severely injured.

The air strike consisted in launching a chemical weapon with sarin gas

Seconds after they launched the projectile, the chaos was installed.