Fadi Fawaz tell-all

Fadi Fawaz will receive one million sterling pounds to write his memoirs in a tell-all book, reports the British press.

The Lebanese found George Michael’s body in his Oxfordshire residency the night before Christmas.

Apparently, shortly after George’s death became the favorite subject of the tabloids, many publishing companies offered Fadi incredible offers in order to obtain a book deal.

According to Daily Star, one of the offers included the staggering sum of one million pounds.

The singer died on 25th December at the age of 53 and the prosecutors revealed he died from natural causes.

In March, a coroner said that Michael had died of heart disease and a build-up of fat in his liver.

After three months, the British music legend was buried in the Highgate cemetery next to his mother.

At the ceremony, hundreds of fans, relatives, and close friends came to say ‘farewell’ to their favorite Wham! member.


  1. Please, please do not write a tell all book about the brilliant and beautiful man, George Michael, unless you are either Andrew Ridgeley or David Austin, true friends who loved him and would honor his life and musical genius.
    Who knows what is fact or fiction when it comes to these stories. There is something odd about Mr. Fawaz and he doesn’t seem like a “kind” man considering the tweets he sends out. George has passed away and I feel for his family and friends since it happened so tragically (i.e. alone and on his mum’s birthday). George, no one even comes close to your brilliance. 🙂