Janet Jackson said ‘farewell’ to her Muslim husband just four months after giving birth to their son.

The last time they were spotted together, Janet and Wissam al Mana were walking on the streets of London and they looked gloomier than ever.

The starlet was eight months pregnant and she wore a black poncho that covered her growing bump.

Everyone believed that she is happy and her beautiful connection with the Qatari millionaire was the exact reason on why she decided to retire from the music industry.

Wissam al Mana hated Janet’s ‘sex-symbol’ image and after they got married in secret in 2012, the Muslim entrepreneur urged Michael Jackson’s sister to switch her entire lifestyle.

Their marriage started to fall apart and after she gave birth, Janet refused to wear her wedding band.

Her mother Katherine struggled to mediate the situation and she flew to London to convince Janet that she can work things out.

She never confirmed or infirmed the rumors regarding her converting to Islam, but during her last concerts before she married Wissam, she finalized her shows with the Muslim saying: ‘InshAllah’.

These last two years, Janet gave up to every single thing in her life related to sex including raunchy concert outfits, steamy songs and eccentric friends.