Vladislava Podchapko

The Ukrainian left her children without supervision and believed that stocking the fridge with food will do the trick.

Vladislava Podchapko gave birth to Daniil and Anna during her first marriage.

Anna is two years old and her younger brother Daniil was 24 months

The 20-year-old from Kiev decided to lock her children in the flat and leave in a nine-days vacation with her current boyfriend.

Every single day since she left them, the poor kids were screaming and crying while they were locked in the house.

The neighbors heard the screams and called the police

Unfortunately, the emergency number was not available and the toddlers remained there for six days straight, until their distorted mother returned.

When she unlocked the apartment located in the central area of the Ukrainian capital, the woman found the body of her 24 months old son, who died from starvation.

Her daughter was in a critical condition and the doctors are monitoring her  24/7.

She is currently on intravenous feeding and she will be just fine.

Little Daniil (left) who starved to death with his big sister Anna

Meanwhile, her mother was detained by the Ukrainian authorities and she is pregnant with her third child.

She will spend her next eight years in prison, while Anna will be submitted in an orphanage.

‘If her father wants to take care of her, is ok’, explained a source familiar with the case.

On her Facebook page, the woman has a series of pictures with the toddlers.

Now, she has eight years to constantly look at those pictures and think about what she has done.