Italy Mafia

The Italian mafia controls almost all the restaurants in the country

The biggest warning signal was initiated by Italy’s most famous agricultural syndicate.

Apparently, the involvement of these illegal organizations, especially ‘Ndrangheta, Camorra or Cosa Nostra in the real estate industry, weapon trafficking, human trafficking or in the black market is already very well-known and tolerated by most.

However, in the last two years, the most bizarre activity unfolded by the Italian mafia is to spread its domination in restaurants, reports Coldiretti.

In the official press release, Coldiretti announced that more than 5.000 restaurants from the Italian Peninsula is controlled by the Mafia.

The confirmation was made a few days after the Italian police initiated a major operation that targeted the members of several organizations and their involvement in the restaurant business.

Among the restaurants targeted by the Italian authorities, there is also the famous Donna Sophia dal 1931, a place from Milan situated near the Dome and Villa Delle Ninfe from Napoli – a popular wedding venue from the area.

The money laundering cycle using restaurants of bars is not exactly a novelty.

In 2015, two famous restaurants from Rome La Rotonda and Er Faciolaro were shut down by the authorities for the exact same reason.