motion sensors smartphone

A neural network allowed a group of scientists to crack the PIN code from a smartphone, by using only the motion sensors integrated into the device.

Modern phones are equipped with a series of sensors from accelerometers, gyroscopes to magnetometers.

While these motion sensors are meant to increase the performances of these devices, they are also allowing users to use the orientation mechanism, especially when they want to play a video game.

However, the ensemble formed by these options comes with a risk, which allows hackers to easily identify the PIN code formed by four numbers.

The same scientists from the Newcastle University managed to discover the security code set by users from the first attempt.

Meanwhile, hackers can exploit the Javascript through a searching platform.

The only thing that someone who owns a smartphone has to do is to press a link which contains an infected software, meant to collect the data from the motion sensors.

These details recorded by the motion sensors were enough to deliver the scientists the four digits.

To accomplish the objective, they used the data recorded by their smartphones and their PIN codes.

Although they are equipped with a wide range of sensors, these devices don’t present a high level of security and they pretty much reveal everything about you.

This method is a real threat when it comes to our safety and privacy.

The scientists who discovered the breach alerted the tech giants but not all of them solved the issue.