Katy Perry Hillary Clinton

After she took a chance in the beauty industry, the popular singer is ready to take over the fashion world.

Katy Perry is set to launch her own shoe collection and the woman who inspired her to take action was no other than American politician and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Although the muse was Bill Clinton’s wife, Katy’s signature style is reflected in all the 40 models.

From stiletto, snickers to classic heels, the range is wide and includes the wildest and most outrageous prints and colors.

According to a source familiar with the process, the prices are also super friendly and the most expensive model will cost less than $299.

During Hillary’s presidential campaign, Katy was one of her most enthusiastic supporters and they remained friends.

In her honor, after she lost the election, Katy designed a pair of gorgeous suede shoes with a transparent heel that she entitled ‘The Hillary’.

Impressed by Katy’s gesture, Hillary returned the favor and posted on social media a picture in which she is wearing ‘The Hillary’.

The best-selling author accessorized the shoes with the most stylish outfit.

Shortly after her muse made the post, Katy shared the picture on her Instagram account.

‘Hillary Clinton is wearing #TheHillary (n.r. – Hillary Clinton poartă #TheHillary). OMG, I LOVE HER SO MUCH!’, added Katy as a caption.

The model entitled after the America’s most influential woman costs around $139.