Sergio Ramos coach

Sergio Ramos talked about his life after retirement

The captain of Real Madrid revealed for the Spanish press that he will never abandon the world of football and he would also love to become a coach.

Sergio Ramos talked about a potential collaboration with the world’s most famous football managers and about his career as a future coach.

‘Coach? Yes, why not? It’s something that I would like to do in my future because football is part of my life, of who I am as a person’, declared Ramos.

‘I am 100% sure that I will become a coach’, added the Real Madrid star.

‘Becoming a coach would offer me the possibility of helping people and it’s also a similar to my current activity’ – said Sergio, whose contract with the Spanish team will come to an end in 2020.

Regarding this last season, Sergio Ramos was praised as the hero of Real Madrid at the end of almost every match.

The captain is famous for his signature goals, scored during the final parts of every important game of Real Madrid.

‘Real Madrid will always mean Ramos’, reported the Gazzetta dello Sport.